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Haltech E6K Installation Documentation for the 3S-GTE Engine

The Haltech E6K is a flexible and powerful programmable engine management system for your engine. This overview is not intended to show you how to program the Haltech nor is it to explain the installation manual. It is only meant to document the installation on my 1991 Toyota MR2. When I chose to install a stand alone engine management system on my car, I had a few ‘must haves’….one was I wanted someone who knew the EMS to be able to tune it for me, and I wanted them nearby. The second one was, I really wanted to use the stock distributor as a trigger. I did not want to pull my engine to fabricate up a crank trigger. I provide this info only as a reference and assume you will read the manual in detail prior to beginning any installation of this magnitude. Installing an EMS is not for the faint of heart. You will need basic mechanical skills as well as an understanding on how an engine works. In addition you should be able to read an electrical diagram and be able to do basic fabrication. If you can not do these, I suggest you have any EMS professionally installed.

To begin, start with the Installation Overview Link above


I wired mine for Sequential injection, which uses the two additional digital outputs of the Haltech.
I also use a J&S Knock Detector. The J&S is wired in between the Haltech and the Distributor.
I used the stock Coil and Igniter.


In addition to the installation documentation, there are also some downloads available. These include
-- a PDF on how to wire the E6K to the stock ignition module
-- a PDF document on how to wire the stock distributor for a trigger
-- a gif of the stock 3S-GTE ECU terminals and pin outs
-- Stock wiring diagram
-- a base map to get your car running

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